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Happening this month:

We will be starting a new partnership with Capitol Cane to supply the USA with Turkish cane.  It is very different to work with, but what a sound!  After sound, its how the reed feels when you play it that is importatn to me.  I hope you will keep an eye out for more news here.

ALSO IN NOVEMBER, there will be information about and opportunity to support and new work for oboe and orchestra.  The work will be based on Native American themes and will also be available for chamber orhcestra.  LOOK FOR the description, a short personal bio, and LINKS to contriubute here.  

IDRS 2016 is coming! I hope everyone makes plans early tot attend the next conference which will take place at ColumbusUniversity in Columbus Geoorgia.  I promise it will be tons of geeky double reed fun!!

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