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The Greeley Philharmonic Orchestra

Brief History:  The Greeley Philharmonic Orchestra grew out of concerts sponsored by the Fortnightly Music Club between 1908-1911.  Enthusiasm grew, and in 1911 the Greeley Philharmonic Orchestra (GPO) was established.  In 1945, the Greeley Philharmonic Orchestra was incorporated.  In August 1953, the GPO was recognized as exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  It has developed into a 65-piece professional orchestra that draws some of the most accomplished musicians from Northern Colorado and beyond.
Mission: The Greeley Philharmonic Orchestra nurtures, inspires, and enriches lives through symphonic music and education.
Overview of Activities:  The GPO presents a season of 10 concerts with a Connoisseur Series of classical music, often including outstanding soloists and in collaboration with the University of Northern Colorado’s choir and opera studio.  Performing in the 1,700 seat Union Colony Civic Center’s Monfort Concert Hall for the past 26 years enables the GPO to present music in an acoustically and ascetically advantageous venue.  The GPO also presents a Poinsettia Pops Concert, and a Brass Christmas Concert, both in December; a spring pops concert, and a family/children’s concert.
Twenty-four years ago, the GPO began to expand cultural educational opportunities for children of all ages in the Greeley, Evans, Windsor, CO region.  This educational program has included both a program of GPO musicians in the schools, and a family concert or a children’s concert in the Monfort Concert Hall.
Education Outreach: The GPO's “Inside the GPO” program helps meet a community-wide need for inspiring in students an interest in great music, giving them a start at understanding what they are hearing, and instilling in them an interest and appreciation for great music.  GPO soloists and small ensembles (principals and associate principals) present smaller intimate programs in up to 20 elementary schools.  This program provides approximately 2,000 children the opportunity to listen, analyze, evaluate, and interact with professional musicians.
Our Community:  The GPO has been designated as the cultural cornerstone of the Greeley community by both its community members and the Greeley Tribune, which reported that designation over 40 years ago.  Businesses and individuals in the community have supported the GPO for over 100 years, and the city is proud of its professional orchestra, as well as the performance venue in which it plays.  The Union Colony Civic Center is celebrating its 26th anniversary this year, and one of the primary purposes of its construction was to provide a "home" for the GPO.  Just recently, Greeley, CO gained more traction in the art community with the addition of a certified State of Colorado Creative District.  The GPO now performs in the Greeley Creative District, which helps promote and encourage creative ventures in the Greeley community.

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